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Crafting Content

Many of our audiences communicate through one or more of the four main social media channels. It’s important to keep in mind how various users interact with these different channels and how this behavior translates to engagement with our brand. Here are some high-level practices to consider so that the appropriate content, crafted in the right manner, reaches the right people.

When space is limited (like for social media, banners and billboards), it’s still important to incorporate our brand voice. Try to keep all the preceding tips in mind and use them as you can. But when you have only a handful of words, consider these tips.

Writing Shorter Copy

  1. Craft a narrative, but quick.
    • Who we are
    • Why we matter
    • Why people should care
    • Don't waste a word!
  2. At the highest level, brand language carries a lot of weight.
    • Use words that already say a lot about Rice.
  3. Speak directly to your reader.
    • Particularly in social media, this is where we can get up close and personal with our audiences. Get right to it and get right at them. 
  4. Say just one thing well.
    •  This isn't the time to confuse your reader with multiple messages.
  5. Give a clear call to action.
    • In addition to the one thing we want them to know, there should be one thing we want them to do. If possible, tell your reader what action to take.
Best Practices
Platform Content Audience Tips Examples
Twitter (X) Tweet / Retweet about campus events, research initiatives and fun facts about Rice. Students, Alumni, General Public Use the shorter character count to your advantage. Keep your posts short and direct. Rice news, upcoming events, student life, retweeted acceptance letters, big achievements.
Facebook Share stories about research initiatives, celebrations, milestones, current student profiles and alumni. Use both photos and videos. Students, Alumni, General Public Use Stories to post live or BTS photos / videos to supplement feed posts or increase engagement. Student success stories, alumni stories, student life, Rice events, traditions.
Instagram Share visually striking photos of events, students, student life, celebrations and milestones. Should serve as a high quality photo gallery to showcase your organization or department. Current / Prospective Students, Alumni, General Public Use Stories to post live or BTS photos / videos to supplement feed posts or increase engagement. Student / academic life, student takeovers, quizzes / polls, campus beauty, fun videos, student success stories, campus events.
LinkedIn Share stories, innovation, partnerships, research, student / alumni / faculty profiles. Students, Young Alumni (job seekers), Alumni (recruiters), Business Professionals Alumni audiences love nostalgic stories / photos that remind them of their time at Rice. Historical photos also perform well. Student / academic life, nostalgia, campus events, job postings.
YouTube Share stories about Rice Owls. Videos should align with one or more of the content pillars: research, education, experience and culture. Current / Prospective Students, Alumni Videos either stand alone or created as part of series. All videos should be included on one of our existing playlists that support our content pillars. A series can be included on new playlist. Research updates, student life, campus events, traditions, Rice podcasts, commencement activities.


Rice's Online Presence

Utilize the Rice Brand Standards thoughtfully and in accordance with the appropriate context. This encompasses aspects such as our name and logos, department branding, color schemes, typography, and specific applications tailored to different mediums.

Maintain a distinctive 'Rice' identity. While we encourage diversity in digital designs, it's important that all our sites maintain a recognizable visual link to Rice University. Our brand guidelines ensure a consistent Rice web experience while allowing the flexibility to convey distinct messages.

Ensuring accessibility is MANDATORY. Driven by both legal obligations and ethical considerations. For specifics, please consult the Digital Information Accessibility Policy.

Employ alt text and closed captioning. This not only enhances accessibility and usability but also aligns with marketing strategies.

Create designs that accommodate various screen sizes. Given the diversity of devices people use to access the web, prioritize designing for compatibility with all screen dimensions, spanning from mobile devices to desktops.

Make it user-friendly and intuitive. Our goal is to facilitate seamless and straightforward online interactions. Prioritize clarity and simplify the user experience.

Campus Policy

We are proud of the beauty of our campus, and of the fact that many Rice landmarks are regarded as Houston landmarks as well. Because of issues of privacy, security, potential disruption of campus activities and implied endorsement, the following policies have been established to help clarify the rights and responsibilities of our guests relating to campus photography, filming and videography.

Permissions and Registration

Photographers who wish to photograph clients at Rice University must complete the online photographer registration and submit a registration fee in order to schedule shoots. Reservations for photo sessions may only be made by registered photographers and such sessions are only permitted on campus with a confirmed reservation.

More information is available at

Drone Usage at Rice

For reasons of safety and security, use of aerial drones in the airspace above Rice property, whether for photography, instruction or recreation, requires specific prior permission. Individuals who attend campus events or transit through widely visited campus locations should be aware that they may appear in image and audio recordings of those events and locations, and that the resulting images and sound may be used for university promotional or archival purposes.

Please contact the Office of University Relations for details. See also The Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy (847).


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