Brand Standards


A brand is much more than a logo.

Sammy the Owl in front of Lovett Hall and flag pole banners

A brand is the distinct set of feelings, perceptions, attitudes and associations people have when they see a logo or think about a company. Think of a brand as being like a personality or like a tone of voice.

Every member of the Rice family represents the brand — and we represent it in all of our communications.

We must apply the Rice brand consistently. We must convey the same personality and tone of voice with every communication with every audience, whether it's in advertising, public speeches, brochures, website copy, T-shirt designs, emails, news releases, stationary, swag, or even in our personal behaviors and attitudes.

Everyone is a brand ambassador.

Only by presenting a clear, coordinated identity, can we give Rice a face that more people will recognize and value. The identity standards detailed here provide a visual language that reflects the university as a whole, while still preserving the individuality of our many parts. It is designed to answer your questions about logos, color, typography and more. Please keep the link handy and consistently apply these standards in all your communications.
Reginald DesRoches

Reginald DesRoches, president

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