Brand Standards

The visual identity of Rice is built around the historic Athenian owl shield, representing honor, influence and wisdom, with two chevrons for the families of Rice and Houston. This mark is the most recognizable aspect of the Rice brand.

Rice University’s official logos consist of the Rice University wordmark and the shield logo, which have been paired together in multiple configurations to aid in their application across a variety of media.

This Is Rice

A university on an inspired pursuit of the unknown. Our mission is to pursue pathbreaking research, provide unsurpassed teaching and, through that knowledge and discovery, contribute to the betterment of our world. We work together to achieve what some think is unachievable.

This is unconventional wisdom. This is Rice University.

University Identity

Our Visual Foundation

Our guidelines include standards for all internal and external media, including publications, advertisements, web-based communications and collateral materials — plus templates for PowerPoint presentations.

Use of the identity standards aligns and strengthens all of Rice — both on and off campus.

Identity System

Speaking for Rice

We have very little interest in putting words in anyone’s mouth — especially when communicating about our community here at Rice. As such, this verbal identity guide is not intended to offer verbatim messages you need to memorize. Rather, this resource exists to provide you with the tools and insight to craft your own messages that contribute to the collective identity of Rice.

Verbal Identity

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