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We specialize in delivering web services for Rice University-affiliated sites hosted on the domain, ensuring they adhere to the university's brand standards. Whether you're seeking a revitalization of your existing site or aiming to establish a new online presence, our team is dedicated to assisting you in creating a responsive, accessible and modern website tailored to your audience and aligned with your objectives.

Introduction to Rice Web Systems

Learn to create and maintain Drupal-based websites including Rice faculty, staff, students and alumni profiles and the LiveWhale events calendar.

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Rice Website Policies URL name assignments

The registration of domain names at Rice University is subject to the same approval process as other activities requiring advance permission for the use of the university's name or insignias. Any domain names intended for an external audience that incorporate an official university name, such as "Rice University" or the names of academic units, administrative units, organizations, or affiliated groups, must receive approval from the Office of Public Affairs before the registration process.

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Online accessibility

Every academic and administrative unit within Rice University responsible for developing and managing websites and web-based applications utilized in university programs and activities is obligated to ensure accessibility for students, faculty, staff, and participants with disabilities. All individuals engaged in the acquisition, creation, and upkeep of university websites and web-based applications are expected to adhere to this policy. Campus resources dedicated to supporting web accessibility are readily available.

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Best Practices

Utilize the Rice Brand Standards thoughtfully and in accordance with the appropriate context. This encompasses aspects such as our name and logos, department branding, color schemes, typography, and specific applications tailored to different mediums.

Maintain a distinctive 'Rice' identity. While we encourage diversity in website designs, it's important that all our sites maintain a recognizable visual link to Rice University. Our website brand guidelines ensure a consistent Rice web experience while allowing the flexibility to convey distinct messages.

Ensuring accessibility is mandatory. Driven by both legal obligations and ethical considerations. For specifics, please consult the Digital Information Accessibility Policy.

Create designs that accommodate various screen sizes. Given the diversity of devices people use to access the web, our websites are designed to be compatible with all screen dimensions, spanning from mobile devices to desktops.

Ensure websites are user-friendly and intuitive. Our goal is to facilitate seamless and straightforward online interactions. Prioritize clarity and simplify the user experience.

Employ semantic markup adhering to best practices in HTML and CSS coding. This not only enhances accessibility and usability but also aligns with coding standards.

Mobile Apps

Designing and developing mobile apps

All new mobile apps assets should be designed in consultation with the University OIT. While some legacy apps may not follow these guidelines and standards, all newly designed and developed apps are expected to adhere.


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