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Videos have a unique way of conveying a story that combines various elements such as voice, visuals, and music. It's amazing how a well-crafted video can evoke emotions, drive engagement, and deliver a message in a way that no other type of content can. And, to ensure that Rice University videos are effective, it's essential to keep them in line with our brand and optimized for your audience. These resources can definitely help you achieve that goal.

We recommend the following advice and guidelines for a unified and distinguished video look for Rice University organizations using video to tell their stories. Below, you’ll find tips that cover some common questions ranging from what should our video start with, how much does a video cost to produce, should we hire an outside vendor and which graphics should we use? 

B-Roll Galleries

Having a gallery of videos captured at Rice University can be a great asset for your storytelling. It can add a level of authenticity and uniqueness to your videos, as well as showcase the beauty and culture of the university. Here is a collection of videos to choose from, from aerial imagery to research.

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media coverage rice owl eclipse



For name and title recognition we have files available for download. These files are for use with Adobe Premiere Pro but the look can be replicated in other editing software.

The blue rectangle is Rice University Blue at 90% opacity. The main title is Copernicus Semibold. It’s recommended to add the class year after the name for students and alumni. The title is Mallory Bold and the organization is Mallory Light.

Looking for alternatives? Browse our fonts.

Intros / Outros

An opening shot with the Rice logo is available for download along with two additional versions of the end slate with and without the "" logo mark.

Please offset the URL address in Rice University Gray to the right with proper spacing in Mallory Bold as pictured.




All campus partners producing public-facing video media must ensure the content is accessible to the deaf and hearing-impaired with accurate captions, as required by law and University policy. YouTube and Vimeo have built-in software that provide closed captioning. If you choose to host your own video, please provide closed captions.

Social Media

This guide from our partners at Sprout Social provides specs for every social platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Our goal in Public Affairs is to create short videos reporting on campus-wide events, research developments, expert commentary and timely feature stories that can be used in Rice News, on, and for pitches to external news media and social media channels. The videos we produce may be used by schools, departments and other units for their websites, publications and presentations.

Videos are posted on the Rice University YouTube channel and distributed to support university-wide priorities.

Rice schools and departments should contact their News and Media Relations representative to suggest ideas for videos, just as they do for Rice News stories and news releases.

The Public Affairs videographer is focused on short, timely and news-related stories. For multi day, long-term projects or series, contact your News and Media Relations representative for a list of recommended outside vendors.

Tips for hiring a video professional

Release Forms

In most cases, a release is not required for photo and video shoots on campus in a setting where consent is implied. However, if shooting in an environment where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, you should be familiar with the model release form

Campus Policy

We are proud of the beauty of our campus, and of the fact that many Rice landmarks are regarded as Houston landmarks as well. Because of issues of privacy, security, potential disruption of campus activities and implied endorsement, the following policies have been established to help clarify the rights and responsibilities of our guests relating to campus photography, filming and videography.

Permissions and Registration

Photographers who wish to photograph clients at Rice University must complete the online photographer registration and submit a registration fee in order to schedule shoots. Reservations for photo sessions may only be made by registered photographers and such sessions are only permitted on campus with a confirmed reservation.

More information is available at

Drone Usage at Rice

For reasons of safety and security, use of aerial drones in the airspace above Rice property, whether for photography, instruction or recreation, requires specific prior permission. Individuals who attend campus events or transit through widely visited campus locations should be aware that they may appear in image and audio recordings of those events and locations, and that the resulting images and sound may be used for university promotional or archival purposes.

Please contact the Office of University Relations for details. See also The Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy (847).


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