Policies & Procedures

Rights, Permissions and Licensing

Rice University’s name, logo, seal, mascot and other identity assets have intrinsic, reputational and marketing value to the university and its alumni. To protect them and ensure they are used appropriately, the following policies and guidelines have been established.


Rice University welcomes mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses and other organizations. However, to protect Rice’s reputation and avoid misunderstanding, guidelines have been approved and must be followed when referring to Rice. For questions, contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Rice University does not endorse or provide testimonials for products or services.

Accurate statements that describe a fact but do not express an endorsement may be allowable with advance permission from the Office of Public Affairs (e.g., “Rice University’s telecommunications department is a client of X Technology Group” or “has purchased X product.”).

Promotional announcements that identify a unit at Rice University as a customer must be specific and accurate (e.g., it is not “Rice University” that is purchasing software, but the “Rice University information technology department”).

The use of photographs of identifiable Rice University landmarks, buildings, statues, etc., must always be preapproved by the Office of Public Affairs. Situations which imply an endorsement of a product or service are not permissible and will not be approved. For example, an advertisement for a new car parked in front of Lovett Hall would not be approved.

The academic seal may not be used in connection with any promotional material or activity.

Name and Trademark

Rice University’s name and official marks are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission, modified in any way, or incorporated into any other name or mark.

Prior written permission from the Office of Public Affairs or Rice Athletics is required for any use of Rice University’s name and official marks.

If permission is granted, the trademarks must be separate and distinct from each other. All other trademark(s) and the Rice University trademark may not be overshadowed or diminished in any way by another trademark(s). All uses must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Public Affairs or Rice Athletics.

For use of Rice University’s official athletic names and marks, contact Rice Athletics for permission.

The university seal, also known as the academic seal, is reserved for use by the Rice Board of Trustees and the president and may not be used in any manner, including but not limited to advertising, direct marketing, collateral material, websites or promotional items, or by any other internal or external organization. 

Only the Office of Public Affairs and Rice Athletics, in conjunction with the Office of the General Counsel, may claim copyright or trademark rights to university trademarks or seek to register any design that incorporates university trademarks.

Rice University will not approve the use of its name or trademarks in conjunction with certain types of products, services or companies. These include, but are not limited to, alcohol; tobacco; illegal products of any kind, including drugs; inherently dangerous products, including weapons, firearms or explosives; sexually suggestive products; products that depict racist, hateful, demeaning or degrading language or statements; products that use profanity; gambling-related products; products that contain statements impugning other universities; products that present an unacceptable risk of liability or that are harmful to the mission or integrity of the institution; and products that contain another entity’s registered trademark, unless explicit written permission has been granted from that entity. If there are any questions regarding the use of the Rice name or a Rice trademark, please contact the Office of Public Affairs.

Rice University’s name and marks may not be used in any manner that discriminates or implies discrimination in any way that would be a violation of Rice University’s antidiscrimination policies or practices.

Any and all uses of names, numbers and images of student-athletes must comply with Rice University policies and NCAA regulations. Contact Rice Athletics for more information.

Rice University’s name and official marks may not be incorporated into off-campus business telephone numbers, internet addresses or domain names. Nor may they be used by private and/or corporate businesses in the sale of commercial products or advertising.

Licensing Requirements

A license must be obtained prior to any external, commercial use of the university’s name, identity assets (including identifiable landmarks) or trademarks, including manufacturers, retailers or service providers. Contact Rice Athletics or the Office of Public Affairs for more information.

Prior permission is required for any internal or external individual, organization or company wishing to use Rice University’s name, identity assets (including identifiable landmarks) or trademarks in any noncommercial manner.

Media and Advertising Use

News media are not required to obtain a license when using current trademarks to convey news and information.

Those wishing to use Rice University’s name, identity assets (including identifiable landmarks) or trademarks in conjunction with advertising, promoting or marketing a product or service must obtain prior permission from the vice president of Public Affairs or a designate. The use must be reviewed and approved prior to first use and each subsequent use.



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