Primary typefaces

Brand Typefaces

Rice’s typographic palette combines the elegant formality of Copernicus with the modern design of Mallory for a robust system capable of supporting the many voices of our university.


The serif font Copernicus was chosen for its stately character and comes in a variety of weights. Copernicus portrays the wisdom and honor of Rice.

Download Copernicus:


Mallory was chosen as a complementary sans serif font, featuring carefully considered details in the design of the letterforms. Its range of weight allows it to be versatile in creating typographic layouts.

Download Mallory:

Brand Typefaces

System fonts

Alternate Typefaces

In the event that Mallory and Copernicus are unavailable, two alternate typefaces are available via the free Google font service. They can be used on the web or downloaded for use in print by all users. The alternate typeface for Copernicus is Cormorant Garamond. The alternate typeface for Mallory is Lato.

Cormorant Garamond

Download Cormorant Garamond


Download Lato


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