The Athenian Owl

The Athenian Owl, Incorrect Usage of the Athenian Owl and Current and Retired Athenian Owl Versions

The Rice Athenian Owl is a complementary mark to the primary  Rice identity. It cannot be used in place of the primary mark but can be used in other applications where a more informal style of identification is appropriate.

The Athenian Owl should appear in the approved color palette.
The minimum approved size is one-quarter inch high, and the minimum clear space on all sides should be equal to half the width of the owl.

Incorrect Usage of  the Athenian Owl

The owl may not be filled in with texture or color. The owl must use the approved color palette; this includes the primary, secondary and extended colors. (See “Color Palette” information on page 28.)

If the owl appears in a solid color, it must have a blue, black, white or gray outline.

The owl may not be altered other than in size and colors.

Specialized mascot owl designs were eliminated with the 2019 redefinition.

Current and Retired Athenian Owl Versions

The outline of the current Athenian Owl has a consistent width throughout the design, a larger beak, and open lines around the face and beak. The retired version of the Athenian Owl has thick and thin outlines, a smaller, pointed beak and less defined feet.