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Everyone at Rice wants to communicate their contributions to the university in a compelling and engaging manner that is appropriate to their specific audience. The goal of this tool kit is to provide a position, key messages and concepts that can assist in giving target audiences reason to believe in the values that Rice represents.

1. Understand the audience

General Public Alumni Faculty Parents
Opinion Leaders Staff Donors Students
Policymakers News & Media Athletics Potential Students

When communicating to one of the above target audiences, it is crucial to understand what is important to them and their desired outcome. The desired outcome is the reason that the target audience is engaging with Rice. Their perception of value is determined by the measurable, positive impact that Rice can have on that desired outcome. What problems are they facing and how can Rice address their goal in a way that no other institution can?

Determine the Motivators
Understanding how Rice uniquely brings people one-step closer to their life goals will help to distinguish Rice between the myriad of other institutions. Why would someone choose Rice over another top-ranked school? What is their motivation and what appeals to them personally? What concepts and ideas do they hold near and dear to their daily lives?

2. Define your purpose

What is your objective and why are you communicating with the target audience? What do you want them to think or do in their engagement with Rice? Are you trying to recruit them for a cause? How does your purpose align with their goals? 

3. Identity alignment

What intangible attributes are appropriate to leverage for your specific purpose and the goals of the target audience? What theme(s) can be used to add more context and connect our values to a measurable, positive impact? You can use the tables below for guidance.

Rice University’s

Key Themes

4. Communicate

When communicating, demonstrate how your school, department or program is challenging convention. Use confident and bold language that is unapologetic and straight forward. Use the themes above that best connect with your target audience. Support your messages with facts and make sure that the key takeaways are given prominence in your messages. 

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